Vendor Export

Vendor Export

Planning an event is not a one person gig. No matter how big the event, from a small corporate retreat to a big conference you cannot micromanage. You need to deliver tasks and find good vendors and contractors that help you. You need great support, excellent staff s and trustworthy vendors.
It is not always easy. When we are planning and event, we need to be ready to demand, deliver, understand and communicate. Most of the time, major issues come up when we didn’t establish a correct relationship with the vendors. Vendors are partners and we need to be upfront, honest and transparent. I always try to have my entire major vendors’ as part of all strategic meetings. I try to make them feel special and part of the team. We make my subordinates and other vendor to be very clear in their expectations and make sure they understand what we have in mind. Finally, we put everything in writing from the paying services and terms of payment, to the complimentary items and services.
Based on our experience we are having a very good rapport with the vendors available in market in all over odisha and outside that will definitely give impact not only to execute flawless work but also for any end moment extra requirement of yours.

Keep the vendors energized

Most of the time we have a good team in our hands, but we may be still missing something that brings enthusiasm and a high level of energy. A professional team translates your vision into actual movement and its extremely important to keep the group energized and focused. When things are not running well, or the event is running low of registration and you need to reduce or cancel few things, you and your tem start to move into a depressed mode. This is the time to react and stand up. Remember, you are the leader and you want their best, so you have to touch their hearts. You can’t buy it with a paycheck. You have to earn it. Listen intently and ask thoughtful questions, acknowledge the sacrifices they have made on your behalf, and express gratitude for their efforts.

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