Our industry has literally come to a grinding halt. After more than a decades of cooking for weddings, religious ceremonies and large events, Mangalam Catering’s stoves were turned off when the lockdown to tackle  COVID-19 began.

There’s no doubt that following almost 19 months of lockdown, a big celebration party will be at the top of many people’s minds. Creative food ideas and event themes are an amazing way to take any party to the next level – ensuring your guests have an awesome time and step away from a very memorable event.

The tricky part of our post-Covid event planning will be coming up with the perfect party idea, and this is where your guests can be the part of inspiration. After all, we are the best event organizer and wedding planner. We understand the ‘oology’ of events and we always have our pulse on the latest event trends.

We, Mangalam catering services, Bhubaneswar have been looking at event themes that will be  expected to be popular for parties post-Covid, and we’ve surveyed our close clients  to share their thoughts on the best upcoming fooding ideas.

With everyone desperate to meet, friends, family and colleagues – balloons, streamers, banners, beer, and burgers just won’t cut it. People will have a penchant for cool new ideas and experiences, so live events will need to be even more innovative and creative than before!

To help inspire you in this area, please hire Mangalam wedding planner!!

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