Creative Designer

Creative Designer

We are not only an event planner but also an event designer.

The logistics of an event come together with the effort of an event planner, but it doesn’t include creating a theme, tone, look, mood, and atmosphere of an event. All these elements have to coordinate with each other and with the overall goal of the event, and it is the work of Mangalam Pvt Ltd to create it.

  • Researching a brand or event
  • Meeting with clients to get ideas for the design
  • Developing the image and atmosphere for the event
  • Selecting specific elements to match the desired image, including color, food, decorations, linen, entertainment, and more
  • Using design software to design the space for the event
  • Designing and creating photo shoots

As a good event designer we have the professionals who makes sure all the artistic elements of an event, like color, flowers, music, and food, come together to represent the theme, desired atmosphere, or brand means having a solid background in art, design, or both. To do this job well we understand a little bit of everything: interior design, color theory, photography, and even the psychology of design. We have a deeper understanding of design theory and art. Our experience on the ground is also important in getting into event design or planning.

Based on our experience we are good at Good organizational skills, The ability to work within a budget, Good communication skills with staff and clients, Time management skills Flexibility and adaptable to change, Willingness to work long hours, nights and weekends Attention to make your event a joyful one.

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