Birthday & Social Party


Whether it’s a small get together, birthday celebration or a larger than life party, people are going bigger and better than ever when it comes to celebrating their birthdays and special occasions – especially after missing out on so much during this lockdown.

“Post-COVID, finding new ways for people to enjoy those special moments is such an exciting aspect of our job. For us, this year it’s all about   neutral colors and pampas displays. Even though we’re allowed back indoors, outdoor events have really taken off. Mangalam Event Planner is something worth keeping an eye out for your special day, for getting bigger and better.

Family Get-together

It’s PARTY TIME! Whether you’re hosting a family get-together outdoors or planning an indoor event, there are plenty of ways to bring the family together on the CHEAP.

So before you whip out your credit card and start spending money, hold up. Family get-togethers should be about creating memorable experiences, rather than giving gifts or spending money. It’s about bringing families together and enjoying each other’s company while you make memories.

So, don’t stress! Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, anniversary, graduation party, or just a fun-in-the-sun activity, we, Mangalam Wedding Planner are having many easy, budget friendly, party-planning ideas to make it happen!  call us to execute your your event in a  most special way.


We understand the emotions behind any surprise and our decorators work to bring out the best of those emotions.  Our team has been creating some of the best aesthetics and themes for a romantic and stunning decoration for anniversary.  Whether you are celebrating your Marriage Anniversary, Wedding Anniversary, Engagement Anniversary, 25th/50th Anniversary or 1st Anniversary, We have a different theme for everyone based on your requirements and liking.

Naming Ceremony

Griha Prabesh

Thread Ceremony

Kitty Party