3rd Edition of Odisha Med Expo

  • 3rd Edition of Odisha Med Expo

    Tuesday, July 26th, 2022

    Odisha Med Expo is the only exhibition on medical equipment and Instrument at Estern India.We , Mangalam Pvt Ltd are organizing the healthcare expo named Odisha Med Expo on mid 2023.Companies can lunch products, gain access to the untapped market m increase brand visibility seek new agents and distributors and benchmark their products and services.


    It will be a most powerful means of direct communication and most effective methods of promotion and sales.


    During these three days, the visitors will be able to see the state of the art medical devices and gadgets for a wide array of uses in medical field. This expo will help health care providers’ cost saving through better equipment selection, improved utilization and performance with reduced operational costs and to reduce the cost benefits due to optimized maintenance models, training and inventory management.


    Hoping this will be unique destination for Odisha Health and opportunities in academia, Business and scientific community in Odisha and new untapped market to the exhibitors.

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